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Platinum Preppy Wa Modern Maki-e Fountain Pen - Kachimushi

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The Limited Edition Platinum Preppy Wa collection consists of six designs inspired by traditional Japanese patterns. Each pattern symbolizes a special auspicious sign so that you can choose your own favorite based on the design or meaning. Unlike conventional Maki-e, it is applied with silk screen printing instead of urushi lacquer on the underlayer, which is then sprinkled with colored powders such as gold and silver and hand-finished one by one by Maki-e artisans. It gives more thickness compared to normal printing, while the reflections and shades of the powders create a three-dimensional feel.

The Platinum Preppy fountain pen is one of the best values for the money! This is a fantastic starter fountain pen, or great for lending to a friend. This fountain pen features a purple body with designs, a clear cap, trim, and grip section, and a stainless steel nib. It also comes equipped with the Slip & Seal Mechanism, which prevents the ink from drying out inside the pen even after a year without usage, providing a stress-free, smooth writing experience at any time.

The Preppy accepts Platinum cartridges or a Platinum converter to fill with bottled ink. It comes with one ink cartridge. The Platinum converter is sold separately.

Alternatively, by converting this pen to an eyedropper, you can fill the entire barrel with ink for maximum ink capacity! All you need to do is add an o-ring and a small amount of silicone grease to the threads (available separately).