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Kaweco Standard Converter - Smokey Grey / Chrome

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This is the new smokey grey / chrome fountain pen converter for the Kaweco Perkeo, Kaweco Special AL fountain pen, Kaweco Student fountain pen, Kaweco Allrounder fountain pen, and other Kaweco "long" pens. It is a standard international size cartridge and will fit any pens that fit a standard international converter..

This converter is not compatible with Kaweco Sport pens.

Kaweco's standard converter that fits in all long fountain pens. Instead of two ink cartridges, the converter is used.

By turning the rear part of the piston converter, the piston is turned forward. Immerse in the ink glass and screw the piston up again, ink is sucked in. Filling several times in a row increases the filling quantity.

Expand your ink horizons by opening up your Kaweco fountain pen to the use of bottled inks in many more colours.

Kaweco Details

The quality of good things is an experience that goes well beyond a single sense. Kaweco passion goes just as deep for the smallest of details as it does for the huge difference between their writing instruments and cheap, mass-made products. Kaweco designs stem from another era when tradition and craftsmanship were still synonymous and some clocks seemed to go a little slower. We took the fascination Kaweco pens had back in the days and translated these values to today’s refined and increasingly demanding times.
Creating products that keep the given promise of standing up to being much loved and seasoned companions every single day of the journey, time and time again.

Kaweco Manufacturing

Good things take time and we take the long list of steps and tasks necessary to build your next writing instrument more than just seriously. The manufacturing process and quality control still lay in Kaweco's very own, skilled hands, right there in Nuremberg, Germany. A city rich with tradition and appreciation for writing instruments, renowned well beyond its infamous walls. Local tradition and technology from afar meet in every single one of our products: Like the premium mechanics from PRECO/Iwasaki Japan for example.

Kaweco Functional Design

To ensure a lasting experience Kaweco operate within the smallest margins of tolerance – even though they offer customization options on every single pen. Whether you opt for a Kaweco classic octa-edge format or a circular design, pencil, roller pen or one of their many nib widths and strengths – they'll create the perfect instrument for your demands. Kaweco work is a work well done when best-in-class quality, tangible character, and timeless design have gone from our hands to yours.