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Lamy 2000 Stainless Fountain Pen - Extra Fine

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The LAMY 2000 Stainless Steel Extra Fine Fountain Pen is a design icon. The LAMY 2000 pen series is the design that elevated LAMY to be the premier pen design company in the world. The LAMY 2000 sets the standard for the rest of the LAMY collection with its principle of 'form follows function'. Owning a LAMY 2000 fountain pen is like owning a little bit of desgn history.

The award-winning LAMY 2000 Stainless Steel Fine Fountain Pen is made of a combination of fiberglass and stainless steel – it has a silken, textured, almost organic feel. It has simple lines and a perfect weight and balance that sits comfortably in the hand.

In German tradtion, no detail is left off with all parts of the LAMY 2000 fountain pen are of the highest quality: the nib is an elegant platinum-plated 14kt gold masterpiece; the refill mechanism is the finest piston operated, and must be used only with bottled ink.

Suits LAMY T51 and T52 Bottled Fountain Pen Ink.


Highest quality in technology, processing and material is self-evident in Lamy pens. Lamy pens make a clear statement: ‘best value for money’.


Lamy Pens are self-contained and succinct. By tradition they embody the Bauhaus principle of functional design: ‘form follows function’. This approach makes Lamy pens unmistakable style icons and the name Lamy a quintessential brand.


Lamy pens embody the best German design tradition and engineering art. They stand out by virtue of innovation, reliability, restraint and status which does not relate to luxury but to intelligence.

Pens from Lamy can be seen on the New York Stock Exchange, at conferences in Tokyo, or in the lecture halls of Buenos Aires. And each of these pens first saw the light of day in Heidelberg, the city with Germany’s oldest university.

Here, just a few minutes by car from the world-famous ensemble of castle, old town and the River Neckar, Lamy develops and produces fountain pens, ink rollerballs, ballpoint pens and propelling pencils which have been amongst the most popular examples of modern design since 1966.

And, despite increasing globalisation, nothing will change this in future. Because Lamy is firmly rooted in its Heidelberg location. An employer of around 400 people from the city and its surrounding area, a patron of culture and a sponsor. But also a family firm which knows precisely that it draws part of its strength and authenticity from a vibrant region which for centuries has stood for science, research and cosmopolitanism.


• Stainless Steel fountain pen
• Piston operated refill mechanism
• Iconic form : a design classic
• Designed to optimise writing position
• Velvety matte finish
• Resilient, durable materials


• BODY / CAP : Stainless Steel
• NIB : Platinum plated 14K Gold Extra Fine.


• Lamy T51 / T52 bottled ink


• Wolfgang Fabian
• Made in Germany


• 2 Year Pulp Addiction warranty from date of purchase.
• Fast, friendly and super efficient local service.