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Namiki Yukari Fountain Pen - Seven Gods Fuku-Roku-Ju (100th Anniversary)

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Once in a life time opportunity

In order to celebrate Pilot's centenary milestone, we are proud to present - The Japanese Gods of Good Fortune, a collection of superb fountain pens created through the collective craftsmanship of the KOKKOKAI group of Maki-e artisans.

The KOKKOKAI is a group of artisans that formed, in 1931, around the late Gonroku Matsuda, who was later to become Japan's most respected Maki-e artisan and a Living National Treasure.

Today, the members of the KOKKOKAI—which include Maki-e artisans both working for and independent of PILOT—continue to create outstanding lacquer art in order to continue Matsuda's legacy as a Maki-e master. With no KOKKOKAI currently in training and the aging nature of the current masters within a generation, this artwork will no longer be produced making these legacy items.

This Namiki Seven Gods Yukari fountain pen was produced by Maki-e artisan Masahiro Yamada for Pilot's 100th anniversary. It features the Togidashi-Taka Maki-e technique, as well as inlaid gold dust. It comes individually packaged in a wooden box with a 50ml bottle of matching limited edition green Iroshizuku ink and a leather pen wrap. This exquisitely lacquered brass fountain pen has a medium 18kt gold nib in size #10, is complemented by gold trim, and fills via cartridge/converter (a Con-70 is included). Only 150 limited pens have been produced of each design worldwide.

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Namiki Yukari Fountain Pen - Seven Gods Fuku-Roku-Ju (100th Anniversary Limited Edition)

Fuku-roku-ju, one of the Japanese Seven Gods of Good Fortune, stems from a Chinese Taoist god said to be the incarnation of the southern polar stars. Taoism’s three virtues are known as Fuku-roku-ju, which in written form is represented with three Chinese characters that make up the god’s name: the perpetuation of one’s descendants, health, and longevity, Today, Fuku-roku-ju is worshipped as the god of personal virtue.

The fountain pen is adorned with an image of Fuku-roku-ju, in which he has a long head and beard, as well as large earlobes. He is holding a gem in his right hand, and is depicted as expressing his gratitude for the help of friends through the inclusion of a crane and turtle bringing him a valuable cane and scroll.

The green ink echoes the color of the turtle, depicted on the fountain pen, on which Fuku-roku-ju is riding.

Article Code : FV-LP-FUR-M

Barrel: Brass with Togidashi-Taka Maki-e Technique

Nib: No.10 (18K Gold with Rhodium Accent)

Nib Size: Medium

Filling System: Cartridge with Con-70 converter

Serial Number: Top of the clip.

Size: Yukan vest type Max Diameter 14.3mm Length 137mm

Weight: 37g

Gift Box : Exclusive wooden gift box with laser engraving.

Included items

- Fountain Pen and Con-70 converter

- Limited Edition botle of ink.

- Special leather pen pouch

- Pilot ink cartridges (6pcs in black)

- Navy cleaning cloth

- Use and care guide

- Information sheet, Artist card and serial number plate.