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Noodler's Konrad Flex Fountain Pen - Medieval Lapis

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Inspired by 1950s-style pocket pens, the Konrad is Noodler's medium-size flex fountain pen. It features a flexible steel nib, a handmade ebonite feed, and a built-in piston filling system with a blind cap at the end of the barrel.

Each of these pens are made from a unique vegetable resin and will display varying, unique and distinctive patterns. No two pens are alike.

Noodler's flex pens are ideal for fountain pen enthusiasts who enjoy tinkering with their pens. Don't be afraid to get ink on your fingers and adjust the nib and feed until you get the pen working just right for you. To enjoy the best experience possible, we recommend the following.

  • Clean the pen thoroughly before using it for the first time.
  • Use light pressure on your down-strokes to spread the tines of the nib and create line variation.
  • Don't write too quickly when flexing the pen, or else the ink flow won't be able to keep up and the pen will stop writing.
  • If the pen stops writing, let it sit for a few minutes so that the feed can recharge with ink. You can speed up the process by tapping the nib on a piece of scratch paper or using the piston mechanism to force more ink into the nib.
  • If the pen's ink flow is too wet or dry for your taste, try adjusting how far the nib and feed are inserted into the grip section and how far back the nib is seated on the feed. The deeper the feed is inserted and the further back the nib is seated, the wetter the pen will tend to write.

This pen is made of eco-friendly celluloid-derived vegetal resin. It has a distinctive smell that generally fades with time but never fully dissipates.

Instruction Sheet can be found on Noodler's Ink website.