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Noodler's Periwinkle Ink

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Noodler's Periwinkle ink colour is modelled on the color of the blue curve of a periwinkle snail’s shell. A light calming blue with a hint of purple. This is a smooth writing, rich blue with excellent saturation and a good fast dry time. This ink is quite thick and perfers broader nibs.

This ink is part of Noodler's luxury "Eternal" series. They cost a little more but are choc full of great characteristics. This is a bulletproof ink, U.V. resistant and bleach resistant. It is forgery resistant, impervious to lasers, alcohols and solvents. This ink is waterproof and glows under U.V. light.

Like all permanent inks this ink can sometimes stain if not careful and a good cleaning regime with your pens is recommended.


There are few products in the world with the reputation of Noodler's Ink. A true artisan company, small and committed to astounding value for money and quality in the worlds largest range of colours. Noodler's Ink are a fantastic option for fountain pens and rollerball pens that use fountain pen ink. The colours are incredibly vivid and equate to the best value per ML you'll find!

Noodler's is smooth to use. Black Swan in Australia Roses gets great reviews no matter which pen it is in and it provides a nice everyday shade of purple. Really versatile - if you like purple, you;ll love this ink!

Noodler's focus entirely on inks and are experts in this field, promoting bottled ink as the high value, low environmental impact option that it is.


There is nobody in the market place who know more about ink. Noodler's have managed to create the most fantastic range of colours all with nuance, integrity and value from bright vivids to sombre shades. You will delight in finding the perfect shade of Noodler's ink for your personality.


Noodler's Inks embody the best USA design tradition and engineering art. They stand out by virtue of innovation, reliability, restraint and status which does not relate to luxury but to intelligence.

We often run out of Noodler's Inks, supply can be difficult, but this is because Noodler's Inks are committed to their quality and heritage. All their inks are hand made, in the USA in a small family run business.