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Paperblanks Flexi Nocturnelle Ultra Journal - Lined

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The Italian Galignani brothers were known for their French Restoration-style bindings, such as the one reproduced here. Originally designed for an 1829 edition of The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore, this gilt-decorated cover retained the structural sturdiness characteristic of the era.

The Paperblanks Nocturnelle design, a reproduction of an antique French binding, is based on a cover created in 1829 by publishers A. & W. Galignani for The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore.

Nowhere is the heft and glory of history more palpable than in the book arts. The 19th century brought several innovations, both functional and aesthetic, to the craft of bookbinding. Advances in mechanization enabled publishers to start producing books on a large scale while staying true to the exquisite, ornamental beauty of the cloth- or leather-bound book.

This cover suggests the fine Moroccan leather preferred for bindings of the era, as well as the structural sturdiness, careful finishing and ridged spine venerated by discerning bibliophiles. The decorations mirror architectural trends of the time such as rosettes, spirals and stylized leaves. The rich tones and textural sophistication found in our reproduction create a stunning rendition of the original binding.

This 19th-century Parisian block binding was originally crafted in dark blue leather with gold tooling, salient characteristics of the Restoration bindings of the time. John Anthony and William Galignani were the sons of a courier father who taught them an appreciation for languages and the written word. John Anthony opened the first Galignani bookshop in Cambrai, France, before returning to his family in Paris upon his father’s death. It was in Paris that the two brothers, as A. & W. Galignani, began their business of reprinting English-language books, including the publication of this version of Thomas Moore’s poetical works.

Thomas Moore (not to be confused with Sir Thomas More, the philosopher and saint) was an Irish poet and entertainer whose Irish Melodies became extremely popular at the turn of the 19th century. Today, he is considered Ireland’s National Bard, in the way that Robert Burns is to Scotland and William Shakespeare to England. As such, it is fitting that his poetical works would be given such an impressive binding.


Paperblanks journals are the ultimate keepsake, a time capsule documenting a period in life, to be read and re-read through current and future generations. Known for their exceptional craftsmanship, high quality, and long-lasting durability, our journals will preserve your contents for years to come.

In Paperblanks journals the laid paper, detailed embossing and texture on each Paperblanks® cover offers a tactile experience – a real-life, “touchable” interlude in an often-untouchable world of television and other digital information.

Paperblanks journals come in a tremendous variety of beautiful cover designs from almost every era, ensuring that there is truly a journal to fit every taste. Choose your own style and create a personalized brainstorming device, a portable stress-reliever, and a unique reflection of existence.

Specifications of the Paperblanks Nocturnelle Flexi Ultra Lined Blank Journal

Features: Exacting design and production.
For : Everyone
Origin: Designed in Europe
Size: approx 180mm x 230mm. 176 pages.
Extras: Memento Pouch and Ribbon Marker
Acid free sustainable production paper.
Smythe sewn binding