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Paperblanks Joyous Springtime Ultra Dot Planner

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This Joyous Springtime Dot-Grid Planner will help you achieve your goals and develop your creative ideas in style. Featuring a customisable index, page numbers, three ribbon markers, design stencil and, of course, a dot-grid interior, this Paperblanks journal will inspire you to harness the organisational power of bullet journalling.

Milia Marquis

Mila Marquis’s ethereal, joyous artwork combines sparkling emotion and unashamedly sweet depictions of fairies, fawns and flowers that cajole even the heaviest spirits to soar. Our Joyous Springtime cover recreates an original piece by Marquis that was inspired by the warm first sun rays after a long winter’s sleep.


Index Page : Plot out your planning ahead of time or update the index page as you go – it’s left blank at the front of every Dot-Grid Planner so you can create a table of contents that suits your personal style.

Interior Formats: A special interior ideally suited for bullet journalling with a light but visible 8mm dot format.

Size & Format : To allow for maximum planning space while still being a portable size, our Dot-Grid Planners are all available in the Ultra format, slightly larger than A5 at 230mm by 180mm. That little be of extra space comes in handy.

Stencil : Looking to take your planner to the next level but not sure where to start? Our specially designed stencil comes with every Dot-Grid Planner and includes a variety of commonly used bullet journalling shapes, plus a ruler!

Paper Quality : Inside every Dot-Grid Planner is our authentic laid paper in an eye-pleasing cream colour with a paper weight of 100 gsm.


Paperblanks journals are the ultimate keepsake, a time capsule documenting a period in life, to be read and re-read through current and future generations. Known for their exceptional craftsmanship, high quality, and long-lasting durability, our journals will preserve your contents for years to come.

In Paperblanks journals the laid paper, detailed embossing and texture on each Paperblanks® cover offers a tactile experience – a real-life, “touchable” interlude in an often-untouchable world of television and other digital information.

Paperblanks journals come in a tremendous variety of beautiful cover designs from almost every era, ensuring that there is truly a journal to fit every taste. Choose your own style and create a personalized brainstorming device, a portable stress-reliever, and a unique reflection of existence.