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Paperblanks Painted Botanicals Gloriosa Mini Lined Journal

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Paperblanks Painted Botanicals Gloriosa Mini Lined Journal

Naturalistic Expressions
If flowers and foliage can be said to speak, it is surely through the voice of botanical illustrators. These stunning mini lined Painted Botanicals journals feature images of orchids, wisteria, lilies and daisies, rendered by some of the finest illustrators in the history of the field.
For centuries, horticulturalists and illustrators have worked with scientists to document plants species, most often in watercolours. Renowned among these artists were Sir Joseph Paxton (1803–1865) and H.G. Moon (1857–1905). Paxton, who published a famed periodical containing the original Brazilian Orchid and Blooming Wisteria images, was a celebrated horticulturalist. His published collections were greatly prized for their remarkable hand colouring. Moon, the artist behind our Gloriosa Lily and Woodland Daisies covers, was famous for his naturalistic arrangements and his ability to create lifelike paintings.

As we experience a renaissance in botanical illustration, contemporary practitioners will certainly look to these masters for how best to be a voice for botanicals.

Paperblanks journals are the ultimate keepsake, a time capsule documenting a period in life, to be read and re-read through current and future generations. Known for their exceptional craftsmanship, high quality, and long-lasting durability, our journals will preserve your contents for years to come.

In Paperblanks journals the laid paper, detailed embossing and texture on each Paperblanks® cover offers a tactile experience – a real-life, “touchable” interlude in an often-untouchable world of television and other digital information.

Paperblanks journals come in a tremendous variety of beautiful cover designs from almost every era, ensuring that there is truly a journal to fit every taste. Choose your own style and create a personalized brainstorming device, a portable stress-reliever, and a unique reflection of existence.

Specifications of the Paperblanks Painted Botanicals Gloriosa Mini Lined Journal

Features: Exacting design and production.
For : Everyone
Origin: Designed in Europe
Size: approx 100mm x 140mm. 176 pages.
Extras: Acid-free, sustainable forest paper
  Memento Pouch and Ribbon Marker
  Smyth Sewn Binding