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Paperblanks Varanasi Silks - Ferozi Midi Lined

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This cover urges you to imagine yourself walking along the winding lanes that are home to the weavers of Varanasi, India. At one time there were as many as 300,000 weavers in the area, but today there are no more than 40,000. We have named it Ferozi after the Urdu word for “turquoise.”

Be inspired by the ancient silk weavers of Varanasi, India, and cultivate your creative side with this beautiful journal honouring those skilled artists. Steeped in tradition, this exquisite design will wrap your own words and creative impulses in the masterful technique of Indian textile creation.

Like many Asian countries, India has weaving techniques and silks unique to its state. The region of Varanasi is known throughout the country for its very fine silk and in ancient times, the embroidery was woven with threads of pure gold. It’s no surprise that the beauty of the Banarasi saris makes them a popular choice for weddings and key life events in Indian culture.

Calm yourself with the traditional colour of a turquoise sari. Clear your thoughts with the hue that represents calmness and peace; representative of authenticity, harmony and trust, the colours of our Ferozi design will elevate your spirit through the majestic folds of Varanasi silk.

At one time, as many as 300,000 weavers were in this area of northern India. Today fewer than 40,000 remain, as younger generations opt for nontraditional careers. This awe-inspiring silk-weaving technique is in danger of becoming a dying art, giving us all the more reason to treasure these precious silks.

Together, let’s celebrate the sumptuousness of the silken folds only Varanasi can produce.

In Paperblanks journals the laid paper, detailed embossing and texture on each Paperblanks® cover offers a tactile experience – a real-life, “touchable” interlude in an often-untouchable world of television and other digital information.

Paperblanks journals come in a tremendous variety of beautiful cover designs from almost every era, ensuring that there is truly a journal to fit every taste. Choose your own style and create a personalized brainstorming device, a portable stress-reliever, and a unique reflection of existence.

Specifications of the Paperblanks Varanasi Silks & Sari's Midi Journal

Features: Exacting design and production.
For : Everyone
Origin: Designed in Europe
Size: approx 130mm x 180mm. 240 pages.
Extras: Magnetic Wrap Closure
Memento Pouch and Ribbon Marker
Smyth Sewn Binding
Acid-free, sustainable forest paper