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Pelikan Limited Edition M800 Fountain Pen - 40 Years of Souveran - Medium

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Pelican Sovereign 40th Anniversary

Pelican celebrates this anniversary with a special limited edition.

Since 1982, there are virtues that have characterized all writing instruments of the Souveran family. This virtue is called patience. Not everyone adapts and stays that way. You need a strong personality and uniqueness. For example, the typical Pelican stripe is the unmistakable symbol of the Pelican Souverin brand. For decades they have captivated fans around the world. The black and green striped Jubilee Icon pays tribute to this classic status befitting a sovereign. A new limited special edition rekindles an old yearning, a yearning that never fades.

Shows consistency and perfect harmony. In Asian cultures, 8 is a harbinger of prosperity. This anniversary edition is limited to 888 pieces worldwide, proving the uniqueness of each serial number. An object of endless desire.

The golden ring is the highlight of this stunning limited edition of the Pelican Soveran Size M800. The delicate lines are diamond-cut, highlighting the importance of the typical Pelican Suveran stripe design. They glide up and down this coveted writing instrument with endless grace. An icon of supreme elegance, combining intricate details worthy of a limited edition.

The metal logo on the top of the cap catches everyone's eye thanks to its subtle line engraving, finished in green lacquer. With this legendary detail, Pelican now restores an old emotional connection. It includes a curved, beak-like clip that is characteristic of all Pelican fine writing instruments. This classic flagship product is wrapped in a unique pinstripe, the essence of Pelican's Souverin brand. Skilled craftsmen measure carefully produced strip material. Each strip has individual nuances. None are like the other. These premium and unique markers are a true expression of infinity.

The artistic nib is the culmination of all high quality Pelican fountain pens. For decades, experienced craftsmen have handcrafted these nibs with exceptional techniques. This limited edition is adorned with an 18 carat gold nib with an extraordinary filigree embossment. Every line of paper promises a very smooth writing experience. Definitely pelican.

Original cube with special effects:
Pull up on the handle of the gorgeous black striped gift box and unfold the sides. A limited edition that shines as if you were on stage. Plus a bottle of Pelican Ink 4001 in dark green with an anniversary label. The individual serial number is engraved on the gold plate. In addition, the limited edition end pieces are marked with an individual edition number. Seal the uniqueness of these rare beauties. All come together to create a dignified appearance.

Pelican offers what everyone wants:
An elegant writing instrument with the finest style. Exceptional collectibles, treasured gifts and timeless objects of beauty, its spirit inspires.

Rare materials and unique designs. Noble writing instruments are admired by enthusiasts and occasional users alike. It is most often love at first sight, or first blow. Charm and passion are much more than the sum of its parts. Elaborately worked in over 300 individual steps, it is a testament to dedication, precision and perfection. Designed to inspire.