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Pelikan M805 Fountain Pen - Souveran Stresemann Black - Extra Fine

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The M805 Streseman is a sophisticated black striped version of the Pelikan Souveran M800 large sized fountain pen. The M800 is the large version of the Souveran range and is the most popular size, suitable for the average hand. It features are large 1.5ml differentiated piston filing system that smoothly takes up bottled ink. It features gorgeous palladium plated clip and finials and a rhodium plated 18 carat gold nib.

The Streseman Design

The foreign minister for the Weimar Republic, Gustav Streseman (1879-1929) was honoured with the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1926: Together with his French colleague Aristide Briand, he was acknowledged for his reconciliatory work between the nations after World War 1. Besides his impressive political career, Stresemann also became famous for the creation of a suit with thin stripes, and, as life sometimes goes, a legend developed .... and suddenly, people called the striped fountain pens from Pelikan - that were just then starting their global tour of success around the world - by the name of "Stresemann". Both the suits and the pens still carry that name today. To officially acknowledge and honor this legend, Pelikan has now named the latest addition to the standard collection "Stresemann".

Pelikan Souveran : A True Classic

In the year 1929, Pelikan introduced the differentiated piston mechanism. Pelikan was the first company in the world to do it. This technique causes the spindle inside the fountain pen to turn quicker than the end piece of the barrel with the help of two different threads. To this date, this fountain pen exists in many different variations, and though it has been refined in design and technical details over the time, the basic mechanism remains the same.

In 1950, the model 400 was launched. With its green-striped sleeve, it has become a world-wide symbol for the brand of Pelikan. In the eighties, the series was baptised Souverän, though popular lore has taken to call it by its nick-name Stresemann, because the state secretary of the "Weimarer Republik" was famous for his striped suits. Today, the original of Pelikan has additionally been equipped with a black "suit" made of high-quality resin.

The Iconc Pelikan Barrel

Adhering to a special Pelikan recipe, the raw material cotton is processed in many steps until it is shaped into a striped sheet. It is then shaped and cut into the right shape with a diamond. Next, the characteristic double clips at the back of the barrel and on the cap are integrated into the material, with the highest precision in order to obtain a virtually seamless transition between the materials. It is then polished to a high sheen, before the slightly springy clip with its famous, stylised Pelikan is mounted.

Features of the M800

  • Elaborate and iconic cellulose acetate striped sleeve.
  • 18-ct/750 gold nib with rhodium trim.
  • silver palladium plated finials including cap and clip.
  • Beautifully gift boxed.
  • 3 Year Australian distributor and Pelikan backed warranty.