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Pilot Frixion Ball Knock Gel Pen - 0.5 mm - Green

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This pen pairs the same beloved thermosensitive ink found in other FriXion pens with a sleek, retractable pen body. Just push the clip to extend and retract the tip. The special rubber eraser at the top of the pen allows you to erase conveniently without pressing the retraction mechanism. The pen writes smoothly and erases without a trace!

The FriXion Point Knock also features Pilot's unique Synergy tip, which combines the precision of a needle point with the durability of a conical point in a very fine 0.5mm tip width.

Thanks to the patented thermo-sensitive ink, PILOT has - true to tradition - revolutionised writing with the erasable pen FriXion Ball Clicker. Available in a variety of shades, there's a FriXion Ball Clicker for everyone! Save yourself money and be kind to the environment by refilling your FriXion Ball Clicker pen instead of buying a new one - it's never been easier to be green!

Because of the erasable ink, FriXion Ball Clicker must not to be used for signatures, legal documents, examination papers, or other documents where writing needs to be of a permanent nature.

  • Thanks to the erasable thermo-sensitive ink: Write, FriXion it, and Rewrite immediately!
  • Effectiveness and writing comfort thanks to the unique fluidity and ultra-softness of the Pilot gel ink.
  • Ergonomic, with a grip to ensure a perfect hold control
  • Refillable products more economical and respectful of the environment.
  • A fine retractable tip that pops out with a click: no more lost caps!

Pilot Frixion

In 2005 Pilot created ‘FriXion’, Australia’s best-selling erasable pen. Today it is still the number 1 erasable pen on the market. FriXion uses a unique thermo-sensitive gel ink. The friction caused by rubbing the paper generates heat which causes the ink to become invisible. With no damage to the paper, you can erase and instantly re-write over your mistakes.


Pilot fountain pens embody the very best in Japanese design and engineering. Germany and Japan lead the way in excellence in pen design and Pilot are amongst the very best in Japanese manufacturers. Pilot manages the delicate balance between quality and price very well, and this is particularly evident in the Frixion erasable series.