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Platinum Kanazawa-Haku Fountain Pen - Fujin Raijin - Medium

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This is the Fujin Raijin (the Wind God and the Thunder God) design of the premium Kanazawa-Haku fountain pen series. A traditional representation of Raijin, the thunder god, adorns the cap of this pen. A menacing and powerful figure with origins in Shinto, Buddhism, and Japanese folk beliefs, Raijin remains highly visible in the modern world through contemporary depictions in video games, manga, and anime.

These pens incorporates the exquisite beauty of Kanazawa gold leaf and masterful traditional techniques. In Kanazawa-Haku fountain pen series, Platinum artisans have meticulously applied “Momi Chirashi,” Japan?s traditional technique that has been used in a folding screen or a painting on fusuma (Japanese sliding doors) since ancient time in Japan. After a gold leaf is extended to a thin square sheet, it is torn into smaller pieces and then pasted together. By pasting these random forms of gold leaf together one by one by all hand, it creates a sense of unlimited depth, giving an elegant glow to the one-of-a-kind body.

Barrel : Raijin

Fujin Raijin-zu is a representative design of Japan as well as a masterpiece of Rinpa ... depicted on the pens Kanazawa-haku body using a remarkable Hira-maki-e technique, bringing together Japanese tradition and elegance in the fountain pen.

Cap: Fujin

The cap is elaborately decorated with Fujin, the Japanese god of wind. He is depicted holding a bag of winds with his hair disheveled from the wind and four fingers representing the four points of the compass.

Designed with the complete airtight Slip & Seal Mechanism that prevents ink from drying out in the pen, it allows writing with fresh new ink at any time.

Kanazawa-Haku fountain pen “Fujin Raijin” that brings together Japan?s traditional and most advance techniques is a perfect gift.

The fountain pen accepts proprietary Platinum cartridges or a Platinum converter for use with bottled ink (both are included), and features a 14kt gold nib.