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Platinum Preppy Wa Fountain Pen - #3 Sakura Tatewaku - Fine

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Sakura Tatewaku

A geometric pattern made of two vertical wavy lines resembling the rising of steam thought to be auspicious as they represent elevation of the spirit and good fortune. The pattern is often used in combination with other
patterns, such as Sakura Tatewaku that features cherry blossoms.

New Japanese patterns to be released from the sophisticated “preppy wa” fountain pen

New limited patterns will be released from the Japan-themed “preppy wa” fountain pen series that has been enjoying popularity since its launch in 2021. Featuring a total of six patterns, the new models convey the elegance and grace of the Japanese tradition incorporated into a modern design. Each pattern symbolizes a special auspicious sign so that you can choose your own favorite based on the design or meaning.

The preppy series has been well-received since its first appearance in 2007 for its high writing performance while
being reasonably priced. The nib made of highly-polished stainless steel with a mixed metal point provides excellent abrasion resistance, making it the best quality fountain pen series for this price range. It also comes equipped with the Slip & Seal Mechanism, which prevents the ink from drying out inside the pen even after a year without usage, providing a stress-free, smooth writing experience at any time.

The quintessential Japanese designs of the new preppy models would be also highly appreciated by international customers while the auspicious patterns make them ideal for a casual gift.