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Robert Oster Violet Dreams - 2ml Sample

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SKU Robert Oster Violet Dreams - 2ml Sample

2ml sample of Robert Oster Violet Dreams Shimmer fountain pen ink, in a labeled plastic vial.

Ink Samples are a great way to try out new inks without investing in the expense of a full bottle. 2mls is normally good enough to fill a converter 1-2 times giving ample examples of how the ink writes.

1 x 2ml Vial.

Dream of beautiful writing with this peaceful purple fountain pen ink accented with gold shimmer.

This is a shimmer ink that has mica particles within the ink. A good regular cleaning maintenance schedule is recommended when using shimmer inks in our pen to avoid shimmer drying in our feed and nib. If you are unsure about how to use shimmer inks experiment first in a cheaper pen.

Robert Oster Inks

An iconic Aussie product within just months of its first appearance. A world leader in its category. And a well behaved, colourful choice for all. Think Australia™ think Robert Oster.

Indeed it is A drink for your pen®

The contents? Robert Oster Signature® Fountain Pen Inks are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Produced in a just-in-time manner means that stock isn't warehoused for lengthy periods. In fact, Robert insists on producing the inks in quantities specific to daily requirements - and orders are literally filled into bottles specific to our retail partners' particular needs. You can know that your ink bottle was filled and shipped just before it was offered for sale.

Robert Oster Bottles

As bottles go, this is an inoffensive, fairly ordinary shape. The mouth is wide enough for the widest of fountain pens. The cap is travel-proof and easy to use. So what was it that made them say it wouldn’t work?

‘It isn’t glass.’ ‘It is too tall.’ ‘It isn’t wide enough.’ ‘It doesn’t come in a box... people don’t buy ink unboxed.’

Well, allow us to share Robert’s reasoning behind the ink bottle he’s now famous for:

“I chose PET because it is made from recycled chemical waste which would otherwise remain a danger (or at best have a less friendly second life than a clean, recyclable PET bottle). PET is the world's most recycled plastic and much more often recycled than glass bottles.”

The shape? It works so well because of the need to handle and store ink bottles - we can easily become collectors of many inks. These fit so well in a small drawer or cabinet.

The now infamous cap label sits proudly atop. Each label was swatched by Robert Oster himself.

Robert Oster the Company

Robert Oster is committed to supporting not only the community of fountain pen and ink users the world over. They aim to give back to the world community in the form of sponsorships, gifts and charitable support to the tune of twenty percent of their entire pre-tax revenue.

To date, they have financially supported women and childrens' refuge, food and clothing; mens' mental health support; children in African villages food, water and education; and youth suicide prevention and support.

It is their pleasure to take what they have and put it in the hands of our extended world family -- and you play a vital role in the giving by your continued encouragement.