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Van Dieman's Ink - Night Tiger Quoll Prowl - 2ml Sample

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2ml sample of Van Diemans Night Tiger Quoll Prowlfountain pen ink, in a labeled plastic vial.

Ink Samples are a great way to try out new inks without investing in the expense of a full bottle. 2mls is normally good enough to fill a converter 1-2 times giving ample examples of how the ink writes.

1 x 2ml Vial.

Tiger Quoll Prowl is a highly saturated brown that pays homage to the gorgeous nocturnal and very shy marsupial and the closest relative to the Tassie Devil. Like its cousin it likes to hunt smaller animals at night. This color resemble the Tiger Quoll on a prowl at night. It has a hint of shimmer that mimics the spots on the Tiger Quoll, and green sheen to resemble the forest he hunts in.

Van Dieman's Night Series

We have discontinued the old "Midnight" Series, which focused more on the "spooky" and the "scary" of nighttime, and refocused on the night itself as a source of inspiration. We have reformulated and massively improved three of the most popular inks from the original Midnight series, but also created 13 new inks, all of which are exciting innovations.

Van Dieman's Fountain Pen Ink

Van Dieman's Ink is an Australian company that is passionate about the environment and colors that are from nature, specifically Tasmania. We design and mix our own bottles of fountain pen ink, shimmer ink and pigment ink in Launceston Tasmania. These high-quality fountain pen inks have been tested for viscosity and flow quality and are suitable for all major brands of fountain pens, and are also suitable for dip pens and brushwork. These inks maintain a high quality, smooth flow, light and age resistance and deep vivid colours. Our water based fountain pen inks are mixed utilizing a method that colour longevity, improves flow and generates a sumptuously enjoyable writing experience.