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Van Dieman's Pulp Addiction - Emerald - 2ml Sample

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2ml sample of Van Dieman's Pulp Addiction - Emerald fountain pen ink, in a labeled plastic vial.

Ink Samples are a great way to try out new inks without investing in the expense of a full bottle. 2mls is normally good enough to fill a converter 1-2 times giving ample examples of how the ink writes.

1 x 2ml Vial.

Exclusive to Pulp Addiction

Unveiling 'Emerald,' a fountain pen ink that captures the essence of nature's most captivating jewel. A part of the exclusive quartet created solely for Pulp Addiction, Emerald is a richly saturated green ink adorned with a mesmerizing deep red sheen, igniting a sense of wonder and intrigue in every stroke.

Like gazing into a hidden forest, this ink envelops your words in a lush and vibrant hue, transporting you to a world where imagination flourishes. Its deep saturation echoes the majesty of towering trees, while the subtle red sheen dances across the page like ethereal sunlight filtering through the canopy.

As your pen glides, Emerald weaves tales of hidden realms, where mythical creatures dwell and secrets lie waiting to be discovered. With each flourish and curve, the ink's remarkable sheen adds an unexpected twist, reminiscent of the enigmatic beauty that lurks within the depths of an emerald gemstone.

Let Emerald be your portal to a realm where fantasy and reality intertwine. Whether you're sketching fantastical landscapes or penning tales of adventure, this ink imbues your creations with a touch of magic and allure. As the ink flows from your pen, immerse yourself in the mysteries of Emerald, an exclusive masterpiece crafted for those who seek to unleash their imagination upon the page, available only at Pulp Addiction.

Celebrate the rebirth of Pulp Addiction with our exclusive ink collection, a testament to our enduring partnership since 2018. Immerse yourself in a world where words come alive and creativity knows no bounds. This remarkable quartet, meticulously crafted with passion and expertise, unveils a kaleidoscope of colors and textures that will ignite your imagination and elevate your writing experience.

Indulge in the vibrant allure of 'Blue Crystal,' a turquoise blue ink that reveals a captivating red sheen on premium paper. Let the enchanting 'Frosted Rose' paint your prose with its mauve purple hues and shimmering hints of red and silver. Experience the warmth and elegance of 'Allspice,' a light brown shading ink that evokes cozy moments and treasured memories. And dive into the mysterious depths of 'Emerald,' a richly saturated green ink with a bewitching deep red sheen.

As Pulp Addiction embarks on a new chapter, we invite you to join us in this celebration of creativity and self-expression. With each stroke of your pen, these exclusive inks will transport you to realms untold, weaving stories that resonate with your heart and mind. Discover the power of our partnership, where innovation meets tradition, and where the art of writing finds its true essence.

Experience the rebirth, embrace the adventure, and explore the limitless possibilities of the Pulp Addiction ink collection. Unleash your creativity, for you are the author of your own narrative. Available exclusively for those who dare to dream, only from Pulp Addiction, your trusted partner in the world of writing.