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Van Dieman's Voyagers - Woollarawarre Bennelong - 2ml Sample

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2ml sample of Van Dieman's Voyagers - Woollarawarre Bennelong fountain pen ink, in a labeled plastic vial.

Ink Samples are a great way to try out new inks without investing in the expense of a full bottle. 2mls is normally good enough to fill a converter 1-2 times giving ample examples of how the ink writes.

1 x 2ml Vial.

Unveiling "Woollarawarre Bennelong," an exceptional ink that embodies the rich, multifaceted journey of an extraordinary man. Bennelong, of the Wangal clan and the Eora people, an Indigenous group of tribes and clans of the Port Jackson area around what is now Sydney, stood as a significant figure in the early history of colonial Australia. He bridged two vastly different worlds, being the first indigenous Australian to grace the shores of England.

This exquisite ink captures Bennelong's story, mirroring his life's vibrant complexity and his unique role as an interlocutor between the British colonisers and his people. In the bottle, it appears a harmonious blend of instant coffee and dark forest green, but its true magic unfurls once it meets the paper.

Upon contact, the ink blossoms into a deep eucalypt green, reminiscent of the lush bushland of Bennelong's homeland. This verdant hue whispers tales of ancient gum trees, under whose shade Bennelong first learnt the ways of his people.

As the ink dries, it unveils a mottled tapestry of colours. Rosy pink blushes in the wetter areas, evoking the vibrant Australian sunsets that painted the skies of Bennelong's youth. Where the ink is thinly spread, an earthy brown emerges, symbolising the very soil of his native land that nurtured and sustained the Eora people.

In a surprising twist, the ink teases out highlights and halos of green and blue, mirroring the crystal-clear waters of Sydney Harbour, where Bennelong encountered the British for the first time.

As Bennelong journeyed to England, so too does the ink transform.  Shadows and halos of black and grey emerge, reminiscent of the smoke and cobblestone streets of London and the formidable stone of the buildings, so different from his homeland's natural landscape. Here, Bennelong stood before King George III, a testament to his remarkable adaptability and resilience.

Retreating to the fine lines around the ink pools, the original eucalypt green lingers, mirroring Bennelong's return to and enduring connection to his roots. On the best quality paper and with the wettest pen, a faint green sheen emerges, a final tribute to his enduring spirit.

Woollarawarre Bennelong ink is more than just a writing medium. It's an invitation to embrace Bennelong's legacy of curiosity, resilience, and adaptability in your writing. We recommend a wet, broad nib pen to fully appreciate this ink's unique properties. Let Woollarawarre Bennelong inspire your words, just as his extraordinary life continues to inspire us today.
This ink is one of four in our 'Voyagers' collection, celebrating the remarkable lives of explorers who ventured into the unknown. With each stroke, these inks bring to life the stories of those who dared to transcend boundaries, like Bennelong himself.